A New Monogamy?

Rules? What are rules? They no longer apply.

Today marriage can mean many things. It may mean that you marry someone of the same sex. Or that you divorce before death do you part. It could mean that a cheating spouse wreaks havoc when they break your monogamy agreement. Or, it could mean that you make your marriage work in a way that is more open and honest — but may include more than one partner.

It seems like monogamy, traditional marriage, and being committed to one person, is downright old fashioned and even backward in some circles. Monogamy, in fact, has become synonymous with “traditional” (which somehow makes me feel old).

Is the younger generation today — what we call the millennials — really so fed up with being in committed relationships that they cannot tolerate being with the same person for longer than it takes to go online and find someone new? It turns out it may be more complicated than that: Read the full article on Huffington Post to learn more.


A New Hook-up Site is Challenging Sexual Labels

What is the ‘BRO’ phenomenon? Dr. Joe Kort writes about a new app for straight men who want to have sex with men and who are clearly not gay nor are they not bisexual. Until now there has been nothing in the online world of hooking up that connects men to other men that clearly states that straight men can have sex without the label of homosexual, or bisexuality. Is it possible for men to have these hook ups and not be gay? See what Kort, the author of “Is My Husband Gay, Straight or Bi?” has to say about it.

Janis Spring’s Telecourse Feb 19

I’m looking forward to Janis Spring’s upcoming telecourse “Don’t Ask Me to Forgive You! A Radical Approach to Healing Infidelity, Addictions, And Other Interpersonal Wounds”.

It will be held on GoodTherapy.org on Feb 19, 2016 from 12-2pm EST.

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“Cheez Its are consistent…”

“Cheez Its are consistent…”  

And so is Kendra Cunningham. I love her blog. Today she’s talking about muffins. I can’t eat muffins. I cant eat gluten. Yes, I am your annoying friend who eats gluten free break and gluten free pasta and gluten free everything and doesn’t even miss gluten until someone (Kendra) writes a blog post about muffins. Then I am like, “Damn, I miss muffins.” But, seriously, a chocolate chip muffin? That’s not a muffin, it’s a cake shaped like a muffin. It’s actually a giant cupcake without frosting so you feel like you can eat if for breakfast. Not that I fault anyone for wanting to eat one, but at least the blueberry kind you can justify because they have fruit in them.

Read what Kendra has to say in her blog and subscribe to her newsletter. Better yet, check out her stand up routine, she is hysterical. And bring a snack. Maybe some Cheez Its.

Or a muffin…