Learn How to Have an Orgasm

I get a lot of questions from young women about orgasm; what it is, how to recognize one and if they ones they are having are the ‘right kind.’ Many women of all ages are looking for information about how to bring themselves to orgasm. Without the right kind of information, it can be frustrating and embarrassing for some women to figure out their bodies, especially if they are not comfortable exploring their vulva’s and if they don’t understand their anatomy.

Take the time and find a safe place to explore your own body. If you can create the private space you need to masturbate you will learn most of what you need to create your best experiences. If you need more information to find out how your body works and what you need to help it to respond, these links can provide good information for first timers. I would also suggest this video from Paul Joannides, it is one of the the best introductory and elementary, illustrated and explanatory guide to the clitoris I have seen in a short video.

How to Mastrubate

How to Orgasm

Prince’s Legacy Spans Beyond Music

With the sudden and tragic passing of musical icon Prince, there has been an outpouring of admiration for the late artist. Much of this has focused on his musical career. But his contributions to gender expression have also been front and center.

Prince was a paradox in that he expanded the concept of what it meant to be a man while also deconstructing the entire idea of gender.

This article is an excellent personal account of the type of influence Prince had on a great many people; he gave us a model for being authentic and expressing sexuality and gender in a way that is unique. He showed us how “to embrace what is amorphous, not easily categorized, beautiful, and yet unknown.” He inspired a generation to express themselves musically, artistically and with a fashion sense that is unique and all his own.

When I first heard Prince I was in my adolescence and his music was raw, sexual and different.  He was truly someone who pushed the boundaries of eroticism in his music and in his videos.  I hope that his legacy lives on and continues to guide us toward a society where we are able to go beyond limiting beliefs and live openly and authentically.


Current Divorce Rates May Be Lower Than You Think

The commonly cited statistic is that half of all marriages will end in divorce. But in fact, divorce rates are dropping.

Overall, you have less to worry about than you might think. The average employed woman has only a two percent chance of getting divorced by the time she’s 30, a 19 percent chance by 50, and a 38 percent chance at 72 and over. So, despite the depressing statistics you may ordinarily hear, the odds are actually good that your marriage will last.

If you’re interested in more statistics that explain current trends, this interactive chart is a wonderful resource for divorce rates for a wide variety of groups.


How to Break out of a Bedroom Rut

If you want to rev things up, putting in the effort is a MUST.

It’s a well known fact that every relationship has its ups and downs. And sometimes, those peaks and valleys are in the bedroom.

If you’re like most people, in the beginning you never had any complaints about your sex life. When it came to intimacy, you and your partner connected physically, emotionally and mentally. But somehow, things took a shift in the bedroom department. One day, when you weren’t looking, the novelty wore off.

Now, sex has gone from being a way to express your love for your partner to a boring routine. Instead of it bringing you closer together, the guilt you feel starts pushing you further apart.

How can you revitalize your sex life if you don’t know why you lost those sparks in the first place?

Listen to my expert advice in the video on YourTango.

The True Importance of Equal Pay

Equal Pay Day is celebrated in April to raise awareness of the wage gap between women and men. The impact of unfair wages and a culture that caters to men in the workplace has a huge impact on women.

Equal pay is just the beginning. What about the gap between job satisfaction for women and men? Most companies stress rewards like increased wages and bonuses as a way to motivate employees, but studies have shown that women have a higher preference for “softer issues,” including a desire for respectful treatment, a company’s understanding of a woman’s desire to reconcile work and family life, and gestures of appreciation and encouragement.

We tend to think that employment status and job performance naturally impacts men’s relationships, health, and emotional state, but the same is very true for women. And women are more likely to be unsatisfied with their jobs in a climate that doesn’t nurture their needs or appreciate their contributions equally.