Final Call! In-­Person Supervision available September 25th

A final reminder: Two spots left! I’m offering a 4-hour in-person Supervision group on September 25th at my office in New Haven, CT – just a couple hours from New York City and from Boston. This is a great opportunity to combine personalized supervision with a getaway for the weekend. Join the group to share your cases and hear ample feedback, interventions, and direction from me and from the group Friday afternoon before heading to the beach or the city for a weekend away.

Each participant will have time to present cases, ask questions, and learn from other participants. Group discussion, experiential intervention and optional homework may include reading material, videos, and other suggestions for practice of hands on skills. Maximum participation is encouraged. All experience and backgrounds are encouraged to participate, and all dynamics and approaches welcome.

• Supervision for beginners to advanced practitioners
• Special topics and expertise include couples therapy, sexuality, infidelity
• AASECT supervision for sex therapists and educators
• Supervision for LPCs and other consultation available upon request

Small group for personalized attention.

We have just 2 spots available – discounts are available for Imago therapists, plus payment plans are really popular.

Register here or by emailing

New Monogamy: Open Marriage, Good Marriage?

Traditional life-long monogamy isn’t for everyone, and many couples are thriving in new monogamy agreements, polyamory, open marriages. I love this article highlighting real life families who are making polyamory work: Can an Open Marriage Be a Good Marriage?

The article also includes fantastic advice for people interested in opening up their marriage:

According to Inara de Luna (of, a relationship coach who has been in open relationships for over 20 years, “It’s important for both partners to go through an assessment process to see if this relationship style might be a good fit for them. Ideally, this process should take place before there is a new erotic/romantic outside interest in a particular person. Once another human being is involved, then objectivity flies out the window and the urgency to consent becomes a pressure of its own.”

It’s crucial that you ask the right questions. According to de Luna, they include: “What are their motivations for opening their relationship? What do they expect out of such a relationship style? And what are their needs, limits, boundaries, and triggers?”

Tammy on the Radio: Redefining Your Relationship After an Affair on RadioMD

If you’re in a relationship, you’ve likely made promises to stay faithful to one another. However, infidelity occurs in over half of all marriages.

Some may think it goes far beyond getting physical with another person, and can be as seemingly harmless as flirting or seeking an emotional connection with someone who isn’t your partner.

If you or your partner has an affair, do you think your relationship can be saved?

Melanie Cole, MS, host of Health Radio on RadioMD invited me to share if it’s possible to repair your relationship after either you or your partner has an affair. The recording of the interview is available on

New research show sexting is good for your relationship

In the media we often hear horror stories of celebrities’ or politician’s nude photos or sexy text conversations being leaked to the public. We’ve even seen “normal” people with regular lives lose their lobs over explicit digital communication.

But is it really so terrible to rev up sexual desire with a little sexting? Researchers at Drexel University weren’t so convinced and set out to find out what the risks and benefits of texting are for adults.

It turns out, there’s far more benefits for relationships and libidos than there are risks. “According to the study, the more you sext, the better your sex life and the more satisfied you are in your relationship.” (Alexia Lafata, What Are You Wearing? Science Wants You To Sext Your Damn Heart Out)

For the singles, sexting only led to low sexual satisfaction. The higher the commitment levels in the relationship, the greater the relationship satisfaction as a result of sexting.   And, if sexting was more carefree and an expected part of the relationship, it enhanced the fun. Read more of my thoughts on the topic in my latest article for YourTango: Sexting Could Be Good For Your Relationship.

Lori Liebovich, host of The Labor of Love podcast, invited me to participate in a conversation with other experts about the pros and cons of sexting and how it can fit into a healthy relationship. The podcast episode is available online here.

Next time you are in bed together with each of you on your separate telephones, send them a sexy text.  Ask them what they are wearing. Tell them what you have on, even if you have to exaggerate a little.  Use the phone to heat up your sex life, instead of making it the one thing that creates a wedge between you.

Loving Someone Who Is Transgender

Last week, Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, came out with her new docudrama, I Am Cait. It follows her journey through her transition as male to female, and as the public watches her emotionally fueled family dynamics with the Kardashian clan, we get to see some of the very real issues that come up for many people who struggle with these problems.

Caitlyn seems lucky to have a supportive family. In the show, Caitlyn has her mother as a guest, and she is supportive, but says she has to remember to call her son, who is now her daughter, Caitlyn, instead of Bruce. Her stepdaughter Kylie and stepson Rob were also on board and told Caitlyn she looked attractive. Her son in law, Kanye West, also appeared supportive on the show and told Caitlyn he thought it was great that she was being her true self, even under all the media pressure, and especially under the harsh glow of the media spotlight. I Am Cait premiered on July 26 on E! and can be seen here.

Caitlyn Jenner is trying to give a voice to the role of transgender women in America, where there has been a lack of role modeling and a real void of information for the general public on what it is, what it looks like and the prejudice that trans people face in their every day lives. Yet with Caitlyn’s fame and her fortune, as well as her supportive family, she may be the exception to the rule. Caitlyn has been able to afford surgery, hormone treatment and an expensive wardrobe — something many people cannot do as they transition from one gender to another.

In this latest post in my series for HuffingtonPost on “Being Trans and the People Who Love Them,” I interviewed Anna Baxter M.A., a Relationship and Gender Counselor practicing in Roswell, Georgia. Anna is a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor and is the founder of Love Positive Counseling, where she works with men, women, transgender people, both adult and adolescents, and all forms of LGBTQ partners and singles, to help them transition and work within the confines of a society that is only now opening up a conversation around trans identity and its meaning.

Anna is also in a partnered relationship with a transgender person, although they don’t live together, they are in a romantic partnership with all of the challenges that loving a trans man can bring.

Read the full article on HuffingtonPost: ‘I Am Cait’: Loving Someone Who Is Transgender