It’s time to talk to your doctor about sex

While it may feel embarrassing to talk to your doctor about your sex life (or lack there of), not talking about it won’t help improve your sexual satisfaction. In my book, Getting The Sex You Want, I speak to the relational solutions to improving the passion, intimacy, sex in long-term relationships. For some women, an unsatisfactory sex life may be related to a physical concern and that requires a conversation with their doctor.

In USA Today last week, Patricia Montemurri consulted with ob-gyns and other health professionals about the importance of talking about sex with your doctor. Check out the full article: What your doctor wishes you would ask about sex

Bisexuals can be monogamous

Civilities columnist Steven Petrow hit the nail on the head with this answer to confusion about Anna Paquin’s bisexuality and recent announcement that she is now married to a man. Petrow highlights the myths, legends, and stigmas associated with bisexuality including “bi now, gay later” suggesting that bisexuality is just a phase. Additionally, a person’s bisexuality isn’t suddenly nullified just because they are monogamous.

Steven Petrow quotes my dear friend and colleague Joe Kort:

I asked Joe Kort, a therapist and author of “Is My Husband Gay, Straight or Bi?” for his definition of bisexuality. He replied: “Bisexuals have an enduring attraction romantically and/or sexually towards both genders. Sometimes it is more toward one gender over another.”

Read the full article: Is Anna Paquin’s bisexuality ‘past tense’ now that she’s married to Stephen Moyer?

Is BDSM a choice or an orientation?

Following Monday’s post about myths of BDSM, I’d like to challenge another myth regarding this sometimes taboo topic: Is BDSM a choice? Is BDSM and Kink a sexual orientation? Jillian Keenan ( makes a great argument for why BDSM/Kink is her orientation and why it may be an orientation for you, too.

Check out Is Kink a Sexual Orientation? on

The 3 Keys To Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

jh-7wk-01-2014-300x250Join one of the most respected spiritual luminaries of our time, bestselling author Dr. Jean Houston, as she reveals her powerful process for truly discovering your purpose, and then integrating it into every aspect of your life.

In this groundbreaking global event you will . . .

  • Learn how to create new beliefs that support your highest potential
  • Discover how to access your “inner experts” to quicken your learning
  • Develop new habits that cultivate your unique gifts and abilities

In your heart, you must know you have a meaningful contribution to make in the world, and only through discovering and bringing forth this hidden potential will you be able to find spiritual fulfillment and the deeper sense of accomplishment you want and need.

This seminar with Jean will help you discover not only what you’re truly meant to do in your life . . . but how to reach that goal from exactly where you are right now.

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Jean Houston is an internationally renowned philosopher and scholar, and one of the founders of the Human Potential Movement. She’s also written 27 books, including several bestsellers.

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I can help you write your book

I have a great idea.  I can help you write your book. It’s time.  How do I know?  Because I have helped other people just like you get started and finish their writing projects.
Passionate, knowledgeable and supportive are some of the words used to describe Tammy’s approach to her writing course. I had an idea for a book but had no clue as to how to write it and how to get it published. I signed up for the writing class and felt I had  guidance and direction.  Tammy was an amazing teacher. She knew the ins and outs of publishing , everything from working with us individually on how to find our writing voice to showing us how to contact agents and publishers. In addition, Tammy gave the class tons of articles and tips sheet on writing. Bottom line: As a result of the taking the class, I signed a contract with a publisher. Thank you, Tammy.
- Evan
Just like Evan, I can help you take your project from an idea to to words on paper to a contract with a publisher.  I have done it for myself, and I know how hard and scary it can be.  But I also know how to get through the blocks and the resistance.
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