Train with Tammy live – in-person or online!  Below is a list of conferences and events where Tammy will be speaking or training.  You can also join us on an upcoming teleclass.  For a list of live and recorded teleclasses, visit the Teleclasses page.

Couples Retreats & Intensives


Tammy is currently scheduling her couples retreats for 2016 – check back for details!


Online Webinars


FREE 1-hour Writing & Publishing Class on Blab – Join Tammy for Free Class

ReworkedWriting and Publishing: Write a Book and Get it Published in Five Easy Steps

Recorded on : Monday, January 25 at 5 pm EST

Location: Online at Blab!

Join Tammy on the newest live streaming site for a 1-hr course on writing and publishing and how to complete your dream project. Blab is free. Login or use your Twitter account and get connected – here the LIVE discussion, ask questions and participate in this online class with author and coach, Dr. Tammy Nelson. You can listen to the class without logging in, although questions and participation are not enabled.

For Therapists


SexTherapyU Logo Design 1“Sex Therapy U”

Join Tammy and special guests as they offer a challenging and fun program in this new series of workshops. Sex Therapy U presents quarterly 3-day events on special topics related to sex therapy,  therapy practice and sexuality.

CEUs will be offered through AASECT and NASW for all three days. You may register for one, two or for all three days to receive the greatest discount. Each 3-day session is independent and does not need to be taken in a specific order.


“Sex Therapy U” Training – Spring Session on May 12, 13, 14, 2016 in Washington, DC

26 CEUs Available in just THREE DAYS

Day 1 : Gender Identity, History of Sexology, Substance Abuse and Desire Dilemmas

  • The New World of Gender Identities with Michael Giordano, LICSW
  • Special Lunch Presentation: The History of Sexology Research Methods and Theory with Dr. Tammy Nelson
  • Substance Abuse, Recovery, Club Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Plant Medicines and Desire Dilemmas Low/No Sex with Dr. Tammy Nelson

Day 2 : New Marriage and New Models; Developing Couples and Sex Therapy Skills

  • Monogamy: Nontraditional and Flexible Monogamy Agreements and Designer Relationships with Dr. Tammy Nelson,  Patricia Johnson and Mark Michaels
  • Models of Sex and Relationship Therapy; Attachment, Imago, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Other Integrative Methods with Dr. Gail Guttman

Day 3 : Sex Therapy and Gender; Integrative Treatment Methods

  • The New Sexual “Dysfunctions” : Female Desire, Male Performance and Compulsive Online Behaviors including Porn Use, Cyber Sex, Social Media and Exploitation with Dr. Tammy Nelson
  • Gender Issues: What Mental Health Providers Need to Know About Working with the Transgender Community with Hani Miletski, Ph.D.

For more information or to register.


 Networker2016Join Tammy at the 39th Annual Psychotherapy Networker Symposium “Attachment & Creativity: Accessing Our Resources for Change” on March 17-19, 2016 in Washington, DC. Tammy will be presenting on Thursday, March 17th during Creativity Day as well as during the main conference. Join her as she presents:

  • Expanding Your Sexual Comfort Zone: Getting Beyond Myths and Stereotypes (Creativity Day – All Day)
  • The Intentional Divorce: Helping Couples Separate with Dignity
  • The Rules of the New Monogamy: The Future of Committed Relationships

You can find more information on the 39th Annual Psychotherapy Networker Symposium online.

BannerEnergy Psychology Conference (18th Annual) in Santa Clara, CA

“Changing the World Through Personal Healing & Transformation”

June 2-5th, 2016 – Register Online

Join Tammy on Sunday, June 5th as she presents:

“The Conscious, Energetic Divorce; Completing Marriage with Intention”

Helping couples complete their marriage may be the most important type of shamanic work we can do. The intentional uncoupling of a marriage can be traumatic or it can be transformational.

This 2-hour CE course (Track E9) is available with your conference attendance.


Teleclass & Online Events


Manuscript (Duplicate)Writing and Publishing for Professionals

Start, Create, and Complete a Writing Project with the Motivation and Support You Need to Reach Your Writing Goals 

A 12-hour LIVE teleclass and workgroup with Dr. Tammy Nelson

NEW DATES for WINTER 2016 :- Jan 26; Feb 16; Mar 1, 15, 29; Apr 5, 26; May 17, 2016 from 12:00 – 1:30 pm Eastern. Last session is individual consults. You can still register for the Winter 2016 course.

Cost: $550 for all 8 sessions; $470 for all 8 sessions for Imago Therapists.  10% discount for payment up front, other discounts and payment plans available. Prices include all handouts, critiques, and proposals and membership in an online writing group.

Overview: An ongoing group phone meeting for psychotherapists and professionals who want to write. Do you have a writing project; a blog, an article, a book, a screenplay, that you want to start, complete or publish? This course will give you the information to create, continue and give birth to your dreams.

Register for Winter 2016 Writing and Publishing today.

Listen live or download the classes to listen at your convenience!

 Schedule a One-on-One Writing Consultation with Dr. Tammy Nelson


ChangingFaceofMarriage Intertwined Tree forming faces

The Changing Face of Marriage: What Therapists Need to Know Interview with Dr. Tammy Nelson by Rich Simon, Editor of the Psychotherapy Networker Cost: Use the coupon code NELSON30 to receive the extended Early Bird Discount Psychotherapy Networker launched a new webcast series: The Changing Face of Marriage to examine the gap between the ideals of traditional marriage and the realities of how couples actually live their lives. In my segment of the series, “The Monogamy Continuum,”  I talk about how to help couples understand, define and negotiate the personal boundaries of fidelity and betrayal.

Supervision Groups


Group Supervision for AASECT Certification with Dr. Tammy Nelson Winter 2016
A teleclass supervision group with Dr. Tammy Nelson $1500 for the series or $150 per session. Student discounts available or Imago discounts available. Email for more information.

Overview: Supervision is available for practitioners who want to work on group supervision hours. Each participant will have time to present cases, ask questions, and learn from the participants. Group discussion, experiential intervention and optional homework may include reading material, videos, and other suggestions for practice of hands-on skills. All experience and backgrounds are encouraged to participate, and all dynamics and approaches welcome. This workshop will provide clinicians with a core couples therapy techniques, interventions and approaches to treat problematic and structural issues.
Monday AASECT Certification Supervision Groups – Winter 2016    **New Group Forming – Space Limited**

Jan 25, Feb 8, 22; Mar 7, 21; Apr 4, 11, 25; May 9, 23, 2016 from 3:30pm – 5:00 pm Eastern Time

Thursday AASECT Certification Supervision Groups  
Jan 21, 28; Feb 11, 18; Mar 3, 10, 24; Apr 7, 21; May 5, 2015 from 12:00 noon – 1:30pm Eastern Time
New Haven In-Person Supervision Groups
Jan 29, 2016 – 12 noon – 4 pm Eastern Time
Apr 8, 2016 –  12 noon – 4 pm Eastern Time    **NEW DATE**
Location: New Haven, CT 06511
– Please indicate your choice of day at time of registration.
More information about Supervision Groups for AASECT Certification available here

Workshops & Private Couples Intensives

  Getting the Love You Want Workshops This intensive two day Imago therapy workshop will help you create a more intimate connection with your significant other. Imago Therapy is based on the book Getting The Love You Want by Harville Hendrix (see Oprah’s website for more info about Imago Relationship therapy.) This workshop can help you…..

  • If you want to be closer to your partner,
  • If you are starting a new relationship,
  • If you are healing a conflict in your marriage.

We will use written exercise, guided imagery and lecture and demonstrations. Alone with your partner you will practice communication skills, and do safe, confidential work together. Practice skills needed for long term happiness in a safe and confidential environment with a Certified Imago Therapist….. Next workshop:  TBA

Sex, Intimacy and Connection Workshops In a safe workshop setting experience authentic communication to create intimacy and connection with your partner.

  • Learn how to talk about sex openly
  • Decrease fear and anxiety
  • Increase loving feelings toward your partner

Many couples breathe a sigh of relief after learning how to talk about their fantasies and fears, and the exercises in these workshops will benefit new relationships and recreate passion in long term partnerships. Next workshop:  TBA

Intensives Intensives are private psychotherapy sessions for couples who are traveling from out of town and cannot make it to weekly sessions, or want a more in-depth experience. Like a couples workshop, we explore intensive ways to increase the connection and intimacy in your relationship, resolve conflict, and work through shame, guilt and anger in your partnership. Working privately with a therapist for four to six hours, couples get the same benefit from the day of therapy that they would from a whole weekend of a couple workshop, sometimes creating dramatic and long lasting shifts in their relationship. Special issues and conflicts can be focused on in an Intensive such as:

  • Affair Recovery
  • Substance Abuse
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • ReSexualizing relationships
  • Grief Work
  • Pre-Marital Vision Quest
  • Second Marriage Preparation
  • Step Parent Coaching

More information on Intensives.  For rate quotes, contact Tammy Nelson directly. Make a deposit ($200) for a session now


Upcoming & Recently Released Teleclasses

  Click on the program title for more information about each of these classes: Sexual Repair: Three Ways to Heal and Grow Your Erotic Self   Grow Your Small Business and be a Successful Entrepreneur!  Sex & Religion: Mormons, Jews, Buddhists and Catholics – How Beliefs and Values Shape Erotic Behaviors Psychic Ability and Intuition: Psychological Phenomenon for the 21st Century Core Couples Therapy Interventions:Healing infidelity, Sexual Desire and Dysfunction  Working with Your Most Challenging Couples; Anger, Narcissism and Countertransference A Strength Based Approach to Treating Out of Control Sexual Behavior (OCSB) Transformational Psychotherapy: Four Steps to Healing Transforming Desire Down Under: What Sex Therapists Should Know about the Pelvic Floor Transform Your Business: Four Steps to Creating a Transformational Life After the Affair: Reinventing Your Sexual Relationship Evaluation and Treatment of Female Sexual Function: Integrating Sexual Medicine in Sex Therapy A Beginner’s Guide to Sharing Fantasies: How to Talk Dirty in Bed The Intentional Divorce: A New Frontier Writing and Publishing for Professionals: Start, Create, and Complete a Writing Project with the Motivation and Support You Need to Reach Your Writing Goals Browse the teleclass archives here.  You can purchase archived versions of Dr. Tammy’s Spring Teleclasses anytime!