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Healing the heart through intimacy

There is more to healing and being whole than showing up in therapy once a week or taking a medication for your depression. I know, I may be putting myself out of business when I say that. A therapist depends on patients who depend on therapy. But I look at healing as a broader mission, one that the individual is responsible for achieving. I am only a small part of a greater puzzle. And I am honored to be in the space of healing in my office. Yet I acknowledge that there are more things happening in the healing process that I am aware of, or that I can control.

Sufi’s believe that there are four layers to your heart. And in these layers you can be connected to others, and you can be hurt or you can heal. Our self awareness of these layers may be creating true intimacy with a partner or they may remain unaware of the true nature of our heart, and we may not even know we are hiding our true selves from others.

Resolving conflict, creating intimacy, and letting someone else into our deepest selves means opening our hearts, and this can be frightening and fulfilling at the same time. I hope to create a heightened awareness of the possibilities for couples, to allow healing, and let in more light into the dark spaces of the heart.

Sufism and the layers of the heart: a sufi’s perspective on relationships

Interested in learning more about how spirituality, mindfulness, and altered states can integrate with couples therapy? D’Arcy Swanson and I will be presenting a 2-hour workshop at the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology’s annual conference May 28-31 focusing on creating intimacy and resolving conflict for couples that struggle with communication impasses, conflict, sexual issues and/or infidelity. Prioritizing heightened consciousness and energy awareness by tantric, shamanic, and modern therapeutic approaches allows clients to create a more expansive, fulfilling relationship.

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Does fighting 24/7 mean your marriage is over?

There is nothing worse than coming home after a long day at work, only to immediately be pulled into a fight with your spouse over something that is so mundane—What’s even worse is when you don’t know why you’re fighting in the first place! Because when the constant fights start to blend into each other, that’s when you know that you have a major problem on your hands.

Are high conflict couples destined for divorce?

If we’re being totally honest, we don’t know what’s scarier: Not being able to understand why there is so much conflict in our relationships or not knowing whether or not the constant arguing is a sign that our marriage is over. But even though you may fight all of the time, that doesn’t mean that your marriage can’t be saved…does it?

When they come into the therapy office saying, “I don’t think we’re going to make it,” how can we as therapists help couples restore peace and become experts on their own relationship?

YourTango’s panel of experts (Dr. Tammy Nelson, Imago Institute’s Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, LCPC Tony Victor, LMFT Sue Butler and Certified Sex Therapist Kimberly Anderson get into the nitty gritty of marriage and what it takes to make things work in this video.

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Upcoming Event: Flash Forum on Couples Therapy

I’m very excited to be one of the presenters in Advances and Challenges in Couples Therapy Today, one of the Flash Forums at this year’s Psychotherapy Networker Symposium. Inspired by the TED Talks, the Flash Forums were designed as an energizing, streamlined format for allowing attendees to be exposed to the work of leading innovators in each of four different practice specialties: couples therapy, trauma work, grief treatment and applications of brain science. As with the TED Talks, each presenter will have no more than 20 minutes to give their talk using whatever multimedia materials they wish to give the most dynamic and impactful presentation that they can.

In contrast to the usual panel format, the emphasis in the Flash Forums is not on interaction among panelists but on highlighting different cutting-edge clinical perspectives presented in juxtaposition to each other. The strict 20-minute time constraint really pushes presenters to showcase complex, cutting-edge ideas in a way that’s compelling, energizing, and memorable. There’s no time for meandering!

To see how the format works, just click the link below to view the Flash Forum from last year that included Bessel van der Kolk, Barbara Frederickson, and Dan Siegel.
Symposium 2014 Flash Forum: Charting Psychotherapy’s New Horizons

To sum it up, each Flash Forum consists of three parts:

1. The Set Up
Each Flash Forum has a moderator, who will start things off, introduce the presenters, and keep an eye on the clock.

2. The Talks
In the energized spirit of condensed learning, the talks themselves will be presented rapid fire. After one talk ends, the moderator will introduce the next presenter and another talk will start.

3. Audience Involvement
After all four talks have been presented in rapid succession, the moderator will pose a question to the audience that they’ll discuss in small groups amongst themselves. The emphasis will be on giving audience members the chance to interact with each other to process what the ideas presented could mean for their practices.

I really hope you’ll consider attending the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium and participating in the Couples Therapy Flash Forum Saturday morning.

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Imago Think Tank: Wedding Planning is Therapy

Modern Brides & Modern Grooms coverMany of you know that I regularly host the Imago Think Tank, interviewing therapists, authors, and innovators in couples therapy. Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Mark O’Connell L.C.S.W., author of Modern Brides & Modern Grooms: A Guide to Planning Straight, Gay, and Other Nontraditional Twenty-First-Century Weddings.

Mark discussed how marriage is changing for people of all walks of life, and how events like weddings celebrate the story of a couple’s relationship. In Mark’s post about the interview on Psychology Today, Celebration Planning Can Be Effective Therapy, he discusses how wedding planning can be an important time period for couples who are creating their future together.

I encourage you to read his article on Psychology Today and listen to the Imago Think Tank interview below.

YouTube Preview Image

Key to happy marriage: financial freedom

Financial freedomThe number one reason couples fight is money. Nobody wants to let arguments over household finances destroy an otherwise healthy relationship. But how do we keep money from tearing us apart?

I love James Van Praagh’s approach to financial freedom: money is energy. Where and how you choose to spend your money reveals what is most important to you. If you want more financial freedom (and really, who doesn’t) start with reading this: Choose Financial Freedom by James Van Praagh

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Sex & Religion: How Beliefs and Values Shape Erotic Behaviors

Beginning March 3, join Dr. Tammy Nelson and expert guest speakers Talli Rosenbaum, MSc and Kristen Hodson, MSW, LCSW for a three-hour teleclass covering religious factors related to sexuality, such as:

  • Sociocultural and familial factors in relation to sexual values and behaviors
  • Issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Intimacy skills (social, emotional, sexual), intimate relationships, interpersonal relationships and family dynamics
  • Diversities in sexual expression and lifestyles

Participants will learn about Orthodox Judaism and how Jewish couples comply with religion and sexuality.

Participants will cover LDS and Mormonism and how their religion affects sexuality and relationships.

Participants will cover alternative religious practices as well as radical religion as it relates to sex.

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Dates: March 3, 10 & 17, 2015 at 2 pm EST for one hour each session.
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Who should attend: Therapists, counselors, healers, and anyone else interested in religion and erotic behaviors.