Web Conference: Couples in Recovery after Infidelity

gt-like-logoCouples in Recovery after Infidelity: Creating a New Monogamy
Free 90-minute Web Conference

What is the most effective form of therapy for treating affairs? What doesn’t work? Can couples really survive the trauma of infidelity?  Those questions and more are answered in this web conference presented by me and offered through GoodTherapy.org. Registration is free for members.  Using case examples to illustrate how breaches of monogamy affect sexuality and intimacy, participants will learn how to help couples restore (or create) erotic energy after an affair, increase empathy and understanding instead of focusing on forgiveness as the goal, and ways to create a new vision of a new, stronger monogamy going forward.
Free with 1.5 CE credits for members.  Register today at GoodTherapy.org

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