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Is writing and publishing a dream for you as it is for many professionals? You may be closer than you think to publishing a book, an article or a blog that can get your name out into the world and turn your dream into reality.

If you have a book in mind — whether it is in the idea phase or in the proposal mode – editorial feedback through individual writing consultation or the accountability of a 12-week online Writing & Publishing class can propel your goals forward. 


Need just a little extra to be inspired? Writing Retreats are a special treat every year in great locations like Fiji, Paris, sunny California and most recently in Cape Cod.

I have pitched, promoted, queried, been accepted, been rejected, been excited, been disappointed and been published. I know what you are going through.  I know you “have no time, you have too many ideas, you don’t think you are good enough, you think it’s already been said.” 


I can be your advocate if you want to write and if you  want to see your writing reach people (besides your mother and your spouse) and take your dreams to the next level.

Dr. Tammy Nelson is a published author with five books published by traditional houses along with many chapters, forwards and expert quotes in other people’s books and hundreds of magazines and online columns. She also has written and published eBooks, both full length and reasonable length articles, and is a regular blogger. She is a mother with a job who continues to write and practice her craft. Tammy is also very experienced at avoiding writing her novel, memoir and a screenplay for television.

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“The course helped me not only to move from “thinking about writing” to “writing,” but helped me to articulate a book concept and get past many of my internal obstacles.  I now have the confidence and momentum to move forward with an exciting project.”



“I became a Writer because of Tammy Nelson's Writing and Publishing course.  I knew that I loved to write and aspired to be "a writer" but I hadn't done anything about that dream.  Soon after I signed up for Tammy's class, I was offered a weekly writing gig as a guest blogger for a very popular website.  From there, I was offered a paid writing gig (unheard of!) followed by several other opportunities to have my writing published. Tammy's down-to-earth style, expertise in the book and writing industry, knowledge of publishing, heartfelt support along with the group energy and feedback was more than worth every penny I spent participating in not one, but two Writing and Publishing groups.  It was so good, I did it twice. And I'd do it again.  I'm 100% inspired by Tammy's wisdom and guidance.”



“Dr. Tammy is deeply passionate and devoted to helping you tap into the creative wisdom that lies within you. She really made us all feel at ease and celebrated our individualistic writing styles while encouraging us to dig deeper and strengthen our innate abilities. I love that she deeply believes at her core that anyone can write, if they so choose to. Each and every step of the way she continues to inspire, empower and instill confidence in you each. I highly recommend you sign up for this writing course. Let your creative genius lead the way!”



“I am feeling more inspired. I have a lot of raw material in the form of writing prompts. I am also very encouraged that I have something unique to bring that people can find inspiring. I like to know that my enthusiasm comes through in my writing, as I sometimes worry I am a bit manic when I talk about turtles. I worry that I might overwhelm people. It was great feedback to use touchstones of personal evolution as the narrative describes my work. This course has allowed me to step back and see a broader picture. It has also gotten me to see that writing about the sometimes-painful experiences can be a tool for personal evolution. I really hadn’t thought about what was happening for me personally through writing this story.”



"Passionate, knowledgeable and supportive are some of the words used to describe Tammy's approach to her writing course. I had an idea for a book, but had no clue as to how to write it and how to get it published. I signed up for the writing class and felt I had guidance and direction. Tammy was an amazing teacher...Bottom line: As a result of taking the class, I signed a contract with a publisher. Thank you, Tammy."



"Writing and Publishing far exceeded my expectations.  I took the class primarily as a way to keep focused on writing and to get some good editorial feedback.  I left the class with a much better comprehension of how publishing and editing works, a clearer focus for my book, and most importantly, with a new sense of my identity as a WRITER and confidence in my ability to communicate with my readers.  I am so grateful." 



"I loved the way you took my questions and then created a way to answer those questions, with examples, in the the group.  Your feedback was targeted specifically for what I needed to do now, and what I needed to do next.  Thank you for helping me get launched Tammy.  I now have the confidence to complete this project.  This was an amazing class and you are an amazing teacher and resource.  I look forward to working wtih you in the future" 



"The group and Tammy's leadership is such a supportive and enlightening experience to be a part of.  It's paramount to having your hand and your vulnerabilities about writing gently held and expertly guided.  Let Tammy and the group process walk right beside you as you learn the most essential aspects about writing and getting published!  You'll be inspired, you'll gain confidence.  Beware though...there is a great chance you'll truly see yourself as a writer!"



"Tammy Nelson’s Writing and Publishing Group was a big first step toward my personal goal of writing about something I valued highly and did not have a single clue how to do it. Tammy offered concrete step-by-step suggestions how to enter the world of writing and then added the extra bonus of being a caring and supportive person who encouraged me to persevere, take risks, forgive myself, and do it again. It was invaluable to share this process with other group participants and witness each other's growth. This group is a wonderful opportunity to enter the world of writing and publishing in a safe and supported way."



"I was on Tammy's call this morning for her class. I am convinced she is the Book Whisperer. So supportive and insightful!"



I took one of Tammy’s writing courses and found it to be very helpful. I didn’t get my book out, but, it was helpful to me in organizing my thoughts and future writing. I would recommend the course to anyone who is thinking of writing a book and wanting more info and support on their writing journey! Sally



Dear Tammy, Just wanted to let you know that my book is in the oven and will be launched in the Philippines in two weeks time. Just wanted to let you know that my book is in the oven and will be launched in the Philippines in two weeks time. I took on your suggestions and expanded the chapters to make it more focused.  have kept your ideas in my mind and as soon as this is off I will join one of your writing classes again for the format that you had suggested which is shorter in style. Attached is the final book cover and the acknowledgment chapter where you are mentioned because truly, you made me believe that this could happen and it has. Lots of learning points as a self publisher  which i would love to share in your class. In the meantime, please keep me in your thoughts as i launch the book. If you dont mind, the event host for my launch would like to request a short video greeting from you to be shown at the launch that you can send as an attachment. Thanks for considering. regards, Lissy  



Thank you so much. You are a wonderful teacher and even more than that you have a very positive and encouraging energy that is very inspiring. Thank you for the resource of David Kessler. Hope you have a fantastic summer.


Joining Dr. Tammy's writing course was the best decision. She was an incredible motivator and encouraged me to write when I felt discouraged and lost. When my book is published in 2018 I know that I will have Tammy to thank. 



Dear Tammy, I wanted to let you know how valuable my experience with you and the other faculty and the students at Sex Therapy U has been for me. I have learned an enormous amount in a relatively short period of time and have completed the majority of the credits I need for certification. The classes have been packed with information and delivered with a high level of expertise. The faculty members 'enthusiasm, expertise and commitment to their work shone through. You are a strong leader and teacher, passionate about your mission and your work, and you have imparted a substantial amount of training with wisdom with unflagging enthusiasm and deep knowledge. I am grateful for all you have given and look forward to a continuing connection and additional training in the years ahead. Warmly, Pam



Thank you for your incredibly precise and helpful feedback. Your revisions are mind opening. It feels like you've given me wings.



Thank you for your incredibly precise and helpful feedback. Your revisions are mind opening. It feels like you've given me wings.



Passionate, knowledgeable and supportive are some of the words used to describe Tammy's approach to her writing course. I had an idea for a book but had no clue as to how to write it and how to get it published. I signed up for the writing class and felt I had guidance and direction. Tammy was an amazing teacher. She knew the ins and outs of publishing, everything from working with us individually on how to find our writing voice to showing us how to contact agents and publishers. In addition, Tammy gave the class tons of articles and tips sheets on writing. Bottom line: As a result of taking the class, I signed a contract with a publisher. Thank you, Tammy



I highly recommend Dr. Tammy Nelson’s webinar! It was extremely helpful in understanding the book proposal process

Dr. Lee


Thank you Tammy,

I just attended your free intro to writing class. I have way too many ideas and have to figure out what to write first! Have background in academic writing, so will probably stick with that. Recently retired and also have to focus on #2: making time ;)

Really want to thank you not only for the class but the vibrancy and generosity you bring to all your works. I’ve enjoyed many of the Trouble with Sex podcasts and ISTI on line courses. It’s a pleasure to listen to you — warm and real.

Best regards,




“Coaching with Tammy helps me feel respected and gotten. I come away from coaching sessions with less self-aggression. Self-aggression is my biggest block when it comes to writing. When I soften, I glow and flow in my ability to write. When writing, I can send that message (of powerful tenderness and greater self-acceptance) to the universe. I’ve learned to and receive guidance through my writing, which supports me between coaching sessions.”



Tammy's experience in the publishing world and practical guidance have been invaluable.
Shaping up my book and finding a publisher wouldn't have happened without her unwavering support and encouragement.
And now I'm on book #2!

Joi Andreoli, LMFT and Author of "The Recovery Cycle: A Practical Guide to Loving Your Sober Life"



inspiring, creative and skill building are the words I use to describe the 3 classes and retreats (plus one on one mentoring) with Dr. Tammy Nelson. Because of our work together and her wisdom and guidance, I started getting paid for writing blog posts. I’m now in the final process of having my book published and I am grateful for Tammy’s support that led me to becoming the author I’ve wanted to be!

Robyn Vogel, Founder Come Back To Love



The weeklong course on Clinical Interventions for Sex, Intimacy & Relationship Dilemmas was the perfect blend of connection, learning, relaxation and inspiration. Learning in this environment and with Tammy provided me with the spark to light my confidence in this area of my work. I recently published the book, Self-Care Transformed: A Place for Meaning, Joy, and Community in the Helping Professions. A key part of our focus in this book is to nurture a wholistic understanding of ourselves, including the erotic aspect of our physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual selves. -Vicki



While writing my book, when I couldn’t “see the forest for the trees,” Tammy offered excellent insights, guidance and encouragement. I’ve been in many writing classes in my life, and it’s my opinion that Tammy is the best writing teacher I’ve ever worked with.



“Tammy is a powerhouse as a writing coach and mentor. I first took her writing class several years ago and am continuing now, drawn by her gifts of inspiration, practical guidance, and a great editorial sensibility. Her compassion and dry sense of humor make the writing journey way less lonely and lots more fun.”



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